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Multivariate Testing – Best Practices & Tools for MVT (A/B/n) Tests

Multivariate AB Tests / MVT Testing

Let’s get this out of the way from the very beginning: most “A/B tests” are in fact multivariate (MVT) tests, a.k.a. A/B/n tests. That is, most of the time when you read about “A/B testing” the term also encompasses multivariate testing. The only reason to specifically differentiate between A/B and MVT is when someone wants to […] Read More…

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Running Multiple A/B Tests at The Same Time: Do’s and Don’ts

Concurrent AB Tests

Can running multiple A/B tests at the same time lead to interferences that result in choosing inferior variants? Does running each A/B test in a silo improve or worsen the situation? If there is any danger, how great is it and how much should we be concerned about it? In this post, I’ll try to answer […] Read More…

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