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Google Pengiun 4.0 finally out!

The new Google Pengiun update, 4.0 has just been released in early Saturday, Oct, 18-th, 2014. It has not yet been confirmed officially, but based on the sites we and colleagues are monitoring and based on the webmaster forums chatter, it’s 100% positive. This update is huge news for sites previously penalized by Pengiun updates, […] Read more…

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Google Panda 4.1 Update is Out in the Wild

The new Google beast is officially out in the wild! It’s a minor Panda update, but bigger than a data refresh, thus it’s named 4.1. Though minor in terms of changes to the Panda algorithm it still has a significant impact, affecting 3-5% of queries, depending on locale, according to Google’s announcement. Google’s representative Pierre Far […] Read more…

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Tracking Site Speed with Google Analytics for UX and SEO

Site Speedometer

Given that site speed is a direct factor for AdWords landing pages, a major factor in Usability/UX/Conversion Rate optimization and a direct or undirect (I don’t think there is a consensus on that) factor in SEO, it’s no wonder many specialists nowadays pay close attention to page load times. Why Google Analycis for Site Speed […] Read more…

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Google Universal Analytics – Migration & Update Guide

Universal Analytics User ID Device Paths

What is Universal Analytics? Universal Analytics is the current version of the Google Analytics software and javascript library. It’s a huge update in GA’s backend and frontend that began in 2013 and as of time of writing (August 2014) it’s already out of beta and is the recommended version of Google Analytics for all users of […] Read more…

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Guide to Enhanced E-commerce Tracking in Google Analytics

Ecommerce Tracking - Shopping Cart

What is Enhanced E-commerce Tracking? It’s a significant upgrade of the traditional e-commerce tracking snippet and it comes with a bunch of new reports in the Google Analytics interface. It lets you track checkout funnels, add/remove to cart behaviour, product view to sale funnels, refunds, affiliate and promo codes & coupons and more. We’ll see […] Read more…

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Advanced Google Analytics Setups Made Easy

Google Analytics Code Wizard

For many sites setting up Google Analytics tracking is simply a copy/paste operation of a piece of code from the GA interface to their site’s header template or equivalent. However, if you require anything on top of that: advanced tracker configuration, events, virtual pageviews, timing events, etc. you usually need to go through at least […] Read more…

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Upgrade to our Google Penalty Checker

Google Update Checker Landing Page Filter

We have just released a new functionallity to our Google Penaulty Checker: now you have the ability to filter to filter the data our tool analyzes by landing page URL. Here is what it looks like: When applying a filter, all the data our tool analyzes is restricted by the filter. So you get all […] Read more…

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Upgrade to our Analytics Copy/Paste Tool

We have just released an update to our Analytics Copy/Paste Tool. It previously allowed you to copy/paste view settings and goals. However, it wasn’t able to copy/paste view filters due to some limitations in the Google Analytics API. Now that these limitations are no more, we have updated the tool so that you can now copy/paste the […] Read more…

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Virtual Pageviews in Google Analytics – Why, How and When to Use Them?

Virtual Pageviews with GTM

In this post I’ll cover what virtual pageivews are, why you should use them, how to implement them and when are they most suitable. Updated Sep 22, 2017: Google Tag Manager instructions included. What is a Virtual Pageview in Google Analytics? First, I’ll start with defining an “Ordinary Pageview”. Well, there is simply no such thing, […] Read more…

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Overview of Books on Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics, SEO & PPC

Books on online A/B testing

This overview is a little different than most overeviews out there. It will focus on three specific basic statistical concepts and would show if and how well they are explored in 18 of the top books on Conversion Optimization, A/B testing, web analytics, SEO & PPC/AdWords. The three concepts this review focuses on are statistical […] Read more…

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Should you do A/A, A/A/B or A/A/B/B tests in CRO?

A/A Split Test

This question pops up often in more “advanced” discussion forums and blogs on Conversion Optimization and usually one (or several) of the following advices are given: Do an A/A test first in order to test your split testing framework. If the difference between the two is statistically significant at the decided level, then your framework is […] Read more…

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Google Panda Recovery & How to Spot Panda Penalties

Google Panda Recovery

This is going to be a quick post about the Google Panda algorithm update. The latest version of the algorithm (4.0) has just rolled out and  reports of penalties and recoveries are all over the internet. I present what a recovery looks like through our Google Algorithm Update Checker tool and I speculate a bit […] Read more…

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