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I am happy to announce the official launch of – the toolkit that makes analytics easier. I’m excited to present the results of over 2 years of development because I believe many web analytics specialists, SEO/SEM specialists, and internet marketers will find the tools in the toolkit valuable in their daily work.

Most of the tools in the toolkit are based on the Google Analytics API, meaning that they use your Google Analytics data.

Some tools are helping you in the setup and audit part of the job – setting up custom code implementations, easy copy-pasting of goals, fast automatic audit of profile settings and data (with recommendations for fixes), fast automatic audit of your e-commerce data and others. Our cost data import tool provides you with the ability to import advertising cost data (display campaigns, Facebook campaigns, Bing campaigns, etc.) so that you can perform ROAS calculations in Google Analytics.


Other tools help you explore your data more intelligently, like our Smart Data Explorer tool which is a bold attempt at providing statistical analysis and innovative sorting algorithms to your Google Analytics data. We also have what I believe is the most advanced statistical significance calculator. Statistical significance is something you *must* calculate for every piece of data you base any decisions on. Any A/B test you perform – conversion optimization tests, ad copy tests, ad placement and traffic source comparisons, keyword performance comparisons and basically any and all data you use. Our calculator is the only one that allows for quick bulk input (direct copy/paste from Excel for example) and also employs intelligent multiple comparison corrections.

Finally we have a tool that I believe SEOs will love – a Google Algorithm Update Checker. It is, I believe (after several comparison tests), the most advanced and precise tool of its kind in existense. It’s much more than an overlay of Google update dates on a graph. It does actual analysis of traffic trends and tries very hard to eliminate any other sources of traffic fluctuations like seasonal trends, PR and advertising campaigns (incl. lack of), technical issues with Google Analytics, etc. It, of course, reports only statistically significant results.

I suggest you go in, register for free and give the tools a try. We are normally giving a 1-property 30-day free trial, but due to this being our launch week, we are giving free 30-day trial access for 10 web properties to everyone who registers before the end of this week (Friday, April 11-th, 2014, incl.)!

We would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have and good criticism and bug reporting are most welcomed!

Finally, I would like to thank all of our beta-testers without whom this product would not have been as good as it is. Thank you guys!


Georgi Georgiev

Founder of

Owner of Web Focus LLC

Georgi is an expert internet marketer and statistician working passionately in the areas of SEO, SEM and Web Analytics since 2004 and the author of the book "Statistical Methods in Online A/B Testing". He is the founder of and owner of an online marketing agency & consulting company: Web Focus LLC and also a Google Certified Trainer in AdWords & Analytics. His special interest lies in data-driven approaches to testing and optimization in e-commerce and internet advertising.

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