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Google Panda Recovery & How to Spot Panda Penalties

Google Panda Recovery

This is going to be a quick post about the Google Panda algorithm update. The latest version of the algorithm (4.0) has just rolled out and ┬áreports of penalties and recoveries are all over the internet. I present what a recovery looks like through our Google Algorithm Update Checker tool and I speculate a bit […] Read More…

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Why Every Internet Marketer Should Be a Statistician

Marketing as Fortune Telling

I’ll start this post right with the punch line: Internet marketing at its current state is dominated by voodoo magic. There, I’ve said it, and I’ve said it in bold italic so you know it must be true. Internet marketing is not as data-driven as most of us have been led to believe, it is […] Read More…

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Segmenting Data for Web Analytics – The Simpson’s Paradox

The Simpsons Paradox┬áis an interesting issue for everyone dealing with data analysis, including web analytics specialists who deal with data in internet marketing. No matter which field you are in: conversion optimization, search engine optimization, search engine marketing or other, this paradox can give you an interesting insight. The paradox is about proper test design […] Read More…

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